The new Red Room: hotter than ever!

The new Red Room: hotter than ever!

Exciting and disturbing, the previous room left you wondering? You have seen nothing of the new one! This is of course the Red Room second generation. While it almost disappeared recently, it is finally back: more bald-faced, more provoking, more impetuous…

Impressive redecoration and second youth

Exciting and disturbing, the previous room left you wondering? It is true that for a business hotel, we had to dare to offer it. But that was before, and you have seen nothing of the new one… This is of course the Red Room second generation!

Much more bald-faced than when it began, more provoking than before, it is impetuous; it is not faint-hearted and reaffirms its personality without restraint.

While it almost disappeared recently, since a business room would have normally succeeded it, it is finally back, colourful, modernised, much more daring and more embossed…

"Indeed, the former Red Room should have definitively closed, but this announcement widely raised a great deal of reactions and many found it a shame because it must be admitted: it’s unique. We decided to keep this touch of originality, which makes THE difference of our hotel!"

An exquisite taste for contrasts

If the Red Room has made a name for itself well beyond appearances, it is also through the firm willingness of the Hôtel du Centre to fully stand for the concept.

Several years after the challenge was brilliantly taken up when it was inaugurated by the Noumea’s establishment in 2015, it became indispensable to consider a redecoration.

"The first room was elegant and uninhibited. The new one is even more erotic: more chic, better equipped, sexier… The hotel loves the totally offbeat look of this Red Room available in the middle of a range of business services, very professional and very serious..."

So hurry up and book your night in the Red Room and be among the first to discover its new secrets: contrasts of red and black, transparent bathroom, XXL connected TV, satin sheets, stainless steel bars spirit pole dance, without forgetting of course… the famous mirror above the bed!

A talented architect…

But by the way, who hides behind the latest version of a room like no other? A man with a new vision and a different emotional response, whose profile is regularly cited on social networks.

Nero Almeida is Brazilian. Originally from São Paulo, he chose the Australian continent for his higher education, achieving a degree at the Sydney School of Design and Fine Arts, one of the most recognised in the world.

Later on, moving to New Caledonia, he founded the Nero Designs agency as an interior architect. Between a great desire to make his life on the Caillou and taking intensive courses of French as soon as he arrived, he was already designing interiors of apartments, houses, restaurants…

… with unspeakable fantasies

Was it a great first experience for him to manage an atypical project like that of the Red Room 2.0? Of course!

It is not for lack of solicits for several specific projects: a medical centre, the Grand Casino of Noumea, a Thermomix® agency with demonstration kitchen… On the other hand, no unusual hotel concept for his record of achievements.

The feeling seems to have passed instantly between the young professional and the bewitching Red Room. Another challenge, where the task was above all, he states, to appeal to his imagination, making this room a striking, attractive and unique place, while keeping in mind its primary purpose: love!

– "Nero, maybe you have a crispy little anecdote to share with our readers?"

– "Oh no, I prefer not to expose more of my fantasies… their imprint is already found in the 4 corners of this very special room!"

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