What happened at the hotel in 2023?

What happened at the hotel in 2023?

The year 2023 has just come to a close. As we take a look back, what can we say about the past 12 months at the Hôtel du Centre? That is what you are about to find out. New recruit, new look, new equipment...

In this retrospective, here are our selected highlights that marked the life of Noumea's business hotel last year. Some new features are also on the horizon for 2024!

In the HR department

2023 was an eventful year for the Hôtel du Centre, celebrating a 10-year service medal for Milène, our Housekeeper, at the establishment. First replacing the position of Team Member at the Business Center, she then joined the HK team, from which she has never parted since. Today, she is its tireless leader.

Another significant moment of the year: the recruitment of Raphaël, new Chef of the Les Jardins restaurant. This kitchen enthusiast and travel lover is a fervent advocate of authentic and generous cuisine. The new and very first Chef's menu will be available from February 1st.

Renovations in the air

Following a total makeover of the reception in 2019, 2023 began with the renovation of the hotel's floors and the private room of La Pergola. These spaces deserved to gain in status, comfort, and privacy. Carpet, wood panels, light fixtures... everything has changed!

In the Business Center, emphasis was placed on wall decor for a much warmer feel. The furnishing of meeting rooms was also a priority, with the installation of storage chests for a 'home-like' effect. For a 360° tour, click here!

Finally, the creation of the Signature Lounge, now offering our clientele a confidential space accommodating up to 8 people. Business meetings or signing appointments, as well as professional lunches and dinners, can be held there discreetly.

On the high-tech front

For the Hôtel du Centre in Noumea, 2023 also rhymed with high-tech investments. Each room is now equipped with a connected TV, including TNT channels, CANAL+ package, video on demand services, access to Netflix and YouTube... All thanks to VisualCom, a long-standing partner of our establishment.

The Business Center has not been left behind, with new 4K giant screens in all meeting rooms without exception. Speed, responsiveness, and ease of use.

Another recent project, since last October: the deployment of a guaranteed high-speed Wi-Fi connection. Wherever you are in the establishment, enjoy it, it is 100% free and effective!

New on the web

Always in tune with the times, the Hôtel du Centre strengthened its visual identity in 2023 by betting on an original communication campaign. To discover or rediscover on the hotel's YouTube channel: dance was highlighted in several clips, all in lightness and elegance. The establishment's values – rigor and excellence, with flexibility and fluidity – are represented through an evocative slogan: "Leading you to excellence!"

In the last quarter, the Business Center's Facebook page was born and a new section was created on the hotel's website. Entirely dedicated to professionals, it brings together all the useful information for business stays.

In the gourmet corner

In 2023, it was, of course, also about indulgence! The "Gourmet Tour" notably made a 2-week stop at the Hôtel du Centre's two restaurants. It was an opportunity for the kitchens of La Pergola and Les Jardins to promote New Caledonia's local products, offering 100% local menus.

As for the horizon of 2024, it is already shaping up with other tantalizing promises! On the agenda for the first half? The Family Time offer is proposed with its burger formula every Sunday evening since the beginning of January. From February, come and discover the new menus that will be offered in our two restaurants. And for the Sunday evening Tartiflette, it will be back as the cooler season approaches.

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