The wardrobe of the Hôtel du Centre

Staff uniforme Hôtel du Centre

The wardrobe of the Hôtel du Centre

A corporate uniform is not merely a work attire. It is a genuine identifier, symbolising unity and fostering a sense of belonging within a team. At the Hôtel du Centre, where hospitality and service take precedence, the uniform holds special significance. It embodies the establishment's identity, values, and professionalism. It sets a quality standard, positively influencing our customers' experiences.

The origins of the uniform at the Hôtel du Centre

When Helen Couvelard joined the Hôtel du Centre in Noumea in October 2014, there was no policy regarding corporate fashion. Distinguishing between guests and staff, who wore no uniform, was challenging. Drawing from her extensive experience in corporate hospitality with the ARMONIA group in Paris, she prioritised professionalising the staff's appearance as her primary task. Over the years, this endeavour enhanced team cohesion, improved the hotel's brand image, and strengthened its appeal to guests.

A stylish reception and back-office

In 2015, the reception service was the first to embrace the uniform, adopting shirts in blue, pink, or yellow. Two years on, the focus shifted to custom-made skirts and tunics crafted by Lyne Créations, a New Caledonian institution.

The following year, the receptionists' outfits were accentuated with silk stoles featuring lagoon colours, crafted by the talented local underwater photographer, Jean Rerêve. In 2020, the vibe changed with Tahitian dresses in black and blue, reminiscent of mermaids, again designed by Lyne Créations.

Now, the welcoming trio greet guests in either black or white shirts, exuding an understated elegance, perfectly matching the hotel's reception decor.

Uniforme Hôtel du Centre

By 'back-office' at the Hôtel du Centre, we mean the accounts, marketing, restaurant management, and operations teams.

These administrative groups do not follow a specific dress code, except for an emphasis on elegance and professionalism. Throughout the hotel, the guiding principle is class and discretion. Taking a leaf out of Parisian style, jeans are reserved for Fridays, honouring the casual Friday tradition.

Spotlight on the La Pergola and Les Jardins restaurants

Originally, the Pergroupies team wore a black embroidered shirt made by Bleu Outre-Mer, a long-time partner of the Hôtel du Centre. Silk stoles were later added to their outfits, aligning with those worn at the reception.

Currently, each service has its distinct attire. At lunch and on Saturday evenings: custom-made black dresses from De Fils en Aiguilles, made from specially selected Italian fabric, enhancing the premium service that aligns with table linens and appetisers.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays: jeans and sailor-striped tops for the Mussels & Chips evening, and checkered shirts for Steak Night with a country music backdrop. At other times: a tailored black skirt paired with a solid-coloured top in pink, purple, or fuchsia, complementing the restaurant's violet hues.

Uniforme Hôtel du Centre
Uniforme Hôtel du Centre

Over in Les Jardins, a more relaxed attire is preferred. Staff wear a red embroidered polo shirt, adding a bright splash of colour to the venue.

In the kitchen, a more traditional style prevails: either chef jackets or embroidered tee-shirts. Caps are mandatory for obvious hygiene reasons. Some proudly wear the ones gifted during the team-building day at the Amédée Lighthouse.

Blending elegance and functionality: the HK attire

From the grey and white tee-shirts of 2015 to Polynesian patterned blouses in 2017, the housekeeping staff now don polo shirts in orange, echoing the hotel's logo colours.

Practicality is paramount, paired with black leggings for utmost work comfort.

The dual-faceted uniform of the technical manager

Uniforme Hôtel du Centre

Quentin, leading the technical service, tailors his uniform not to his mood but his tasks.

Canvas work trousers and embroidered tee-shirts, occasionally adorned with paint or filler stains (laughs), constitute his combat attire when technical duty calls. For professional meetings, he is seen in a more formal outfit, consisting of a shirt, chino trousers, and formal shoes.

A business dress code at the Business Center

The Business Center of the Hôtel du Centre comprises meeting rooms, a temporary executive office, and a Signature Lounge for confidential interviews — a blend of prestige and practicality.

There was a time when William, the former Business Center supervisor, wore a Tahitian shirt, similar to the Tahitian dresses once worn at reception.

Staff members greeting you in these spaces now wear a tailored black embroidered shirt with trousers and trainers. Dark jeans are permitted, facilitating furniture moving and frequent daily movements.

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