Followed Review: the winners share their thoughts!

Followed Review: the winners share their thoughts!

Your opinion matters! That is why the Hôtel du Centre in Noumea is delighted to reward one of its customers each month for their feedback. Christelle, Aurore, Lydie, Didier, Lynda, Viannick, Mykel, Sarah, and Marion are among the fortunate winners of the "Best Review" contest, launched in 2020 alongside the "Followed Review" service. To thank them for their participation, we have collected their valuable testimonials.

How does Followed Review work?

Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns, and we are always grateful to hear our clients talk about our hotel. But we are even more so when they are willing to share their impressions.

Thus, Followed Review* has been at your disposal since 2020. Have you stayed in our establishment, dined in one of our restaurants, or rented a room at the Business Center? Rate us and send us your feedback. You can easily do this online through our feedback submission form!

A nice surprise might arrive in your inbox. Among all the reviews received each month, we select one to be named the best review of the month. It could be the most helpful, comprehensive, original contribution...

The winner will receive a gift voucher worth XPF 5,000 to be used at the La Pergola restaurant in the Hôtel du Centre! So, try your luck. By using Followed Review, you automatically enter the Best Review contest**.

*Click here to read the terms and conditions of use of the Followed Review service (French version)

**Click here to read the rules of the Best Review contest (French version)

Winning reviews, happy customers!

Let us start with Aurore, Mykel, and Lydie, who find Followed Review useful and quick to use. All three believe it is essential to speak up, both about what is satisfactory and what is not. This motivated them to make themselves known.

According to them, publishing verified reviews allows others to access a wealth of information about the quality of the establishment. Especially when the experience is positive, the kindness and involvement of the team deserve to be highlighted.

Each was very happy to be selected. Aurore for the surprise effect, Mykel because it was the first time he had won something! And Lydie, for whom the Hôtel du Centre in Ducos confirmed, once again, the great care given to its clients...

As professional clients, Didier, Viannick, and Marion unanimously praised their positive experience. They shared their opinions primarily to commend the business hotel staff.

According to Viannick, reviews are important to inform the team that they are providing top-notch service, whether at the reception, in the bedrooms, or in the restaurants. For Marion, it is also what can serve everyone, if the comments are factual, objective, and honest.

Our three winners were of course thrilled to receive a gift voucher. So much so for Didier that he apparently did not hesitate to pop open a bottle of champagne... before going off to "run naked in the plains"!

Followed Review was also appreciated by Sarah, Christelle, and Lynda, who find it fun and easy to use. According to the latter, it is a good initiative that certainly allows the Hôtel du Centre to maintain its level of excellence.

Real satisfaction is the common thread that motivated the three women to express themselves by writing a review. Christelle, who is not on her first visit, wanted to emphasize that the welcome, the premises, and the service never disappoint her. For Sarah, it was a first visit, but also a flawless experience. And that is exactly what she wanted to let other clients or prospective clients know.

Here again, our three participants were delighted to join the privileged list of winners, despite their disbelief. One of them was so incredulous that she directly called the establishment to make sure there was no mistake!

Now it is your turn, come leave your review online and try to win a gift voucher!

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