The two smiles at the front desk

The two smiles at the front desk

The Hôtel du Centre is proud to introduce the dynamic duo that animates its reception every day. They bring charm and professionalism to the establishment. Their versatility, qualities, and passion for the job make them invaluable assets within the team. Let us meet two unique personalities, Marie-Louise and Marie, our devoted Receptionists.

A new discovered calling

Réceptionnistes Hôtel du Centre 01

Marie followed an unconventional path before reaching where she is today. As a former contractual agent in the civil service, the job of a Receptionist was uncharted territory for her. However, the call for change and challenge led her to take the leap in 2022.

Since then, Marie has been utilizing her skills within the Hôtel du Centre, showing a keen sense of anticipation. Delighted by the team spirit and the sense of family prevailing in the establishment, she feels immensely fulfilled. She even finds herself playing the role of a muse when the opportunity arises.

"What I enjoy is helping customers. What motivates me is seeing their smiles of satisfaction."

Hospitality as second nature

The attraction to a receptionist career was felt by Marie-Louise during her schooling. She seized the opportunity to do an internship at the Hôtel du Centre as part of her specialization in high school. And she quickly developed a taste for customer relations and the multiple tasks inherent in hotel reception.

Now a seasoned Receptionist, Marie-Louise confirms the extreme versatility of the position. One needs to be on top of everything and pay attention to everything happening around. Between the phone calls, deliveries, and check-outs... everything goes through the front desk!

"The daily challenge is self-control. But as our manager says, we put on a 'disguise' at the start of each shift, so that we don't take things personally."

Réceptionnistes Hôtel du Centre 02

Essential qualities

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They both agree: it is essential to know how to handle stress... but not only that. To measure up, especially in a business hotel like this one, multitasking is the watchword.

In the whirlwind of activities at the front desk of the Hotel du Centre, Marie and Marie-Louise must display the indispensable required qualities. According to them, one must have communication skills, be autonomous and organized, show empathy, and be problem solvers. And, of course, always remain smiling and welcoming, even when one does not feel like it, even when a customer is unpleasant...

Chinese portrait

  • If Marie-Louise were a day of the week? Marie thinks it would certainly be Friday. Because her teammate loves to move her body.
  • If Marie were a hotel guest? According to Marie-Louise, she would be a guest in the Accommodation department. She loves sleeping so much that you could pay her for it!
  • If Marie-Louise were not a Receptionist? Marie imagines her as a ready-to-wear or shoe saleswoman. And never without her makeup, a little thing she always keeps at hand.
  • As for Marie? Marie-Louise could see her in the law enforcement. For her integrity and loyalty. Also, for her meticulousness and frankness. Nothing escapes her, and she doesn't hesitate to be straight to the point. We often joke about it with other colleagues.

Welcome to the newest team member

At the time this article was written, the recruitment was still ongoing for a third position within the team of Receptionists.

Anne-Lyse was the lucky candidate selected. One thing is certain: her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes will not go unnoticed at the Hôtel du Centre!

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