Knowing looks between the Pergroupies

Pergolettes Hôtel du Centre

Knowing looks between the Pergroupies

You will meet them on the top floorof the Hôtel du Centre: choose your table at the La Pergola restaurant and be welcomed by their sparkling smile. There are six of them, they are as thick as thieves and they each played a little role. We present the team of... the Pergroupies!

équipe 1 équipe 2

A team high in colour

Under the impulse of Lucienne, the restaurant room manager, they have been working together for more than three years and none of them get tired of it, quite the contrary!

Stéphanie, band leader of the breakfast service of La Pergola, is also present for lunch. Our four other head waitresses never hide far away. When Maria and Éléonore miss out on the rooftop terrace, you will find them on the green terrace of the Les Jardins restaurant, and vice versa for Justine and Gladysse.

In turn, we dared to ask them some indiscreet questions, one about the other...

Pergroupies Hôtel du Centre 01

À la carte of the restaurant

Pergroupies Hôtel du Centre 02

Maria and Lucienne would necessarily be the tuna tartar: one is a fan of raw fish, the other "loooooves" quite simply this fish. The "plate of the sea" will be the appetiser for Gladysse, who, like this dish, would reveal different facets and flavours. Rather meat orientated, Éléonore would be the skewer of beef, gourmet and slender.

Place for dessert for Stéphanie and Justine, with the semifreddo for the first, a touch cold but no less perfect, like an iced parfait, and with the irresistible chocolate fondant for the second, a mixture both gourmet, sweet, melting and crunchy...

Pergroupies Hôtel du Centre 03

Into another life

Dans une tout autre vie

The pretty Justine has a taste for clothes and makeup; she would have, without hesitation, followed the fashion profession. And she would certainly have met Gladysse, ideally seen as a model for her charm and charisma.

In love with nature and plants, Lucienne would have excelled as a gardener. Éléonore would have been an airplane pilot for the thrills, at the side – why not – of the elegant Maria as a flight attendant, because she likes to take care of people. Stéphanie would finally have done marvels as surgeon-general, after her current role as "health advisor" of the team...


Authentic and charming

Authentiques et attachantes

Despite their unfailing generosity and undisputed kindness, the Pergroupies do not fail to assert their personality.

Maria and Stéphanie will be the most demanding, one because she is very fussy, the other because she is tough on cleanliness. Éléonore is also admired for her serious work.

Justine is the spontaneous one of the group in all circumstances and Lucienne is known for her constant good mood. As for Gladysse, it is in her ability to challenge herself that she is most appreciated...

More than just colleagues

They can count on each other and confirm it willingly without having to consult together: Maria and Lucienne know how to answer "I‘m here", Éléonore and Stéphanie are having great confidence, Justine is always open to discussion and Gladysse sticks to it when she makes a commitment.

Strong bonds of friendship unite them, so it is not uncommon for the eyes of the Pergroupies to also interconnect outside the Hôtel du Centre: depending upon the timetable, no excuse is ever too much to be granted a "small drink" or a "good restaurant"... or both!

Bien plus que de simples collègues

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