Le Centre, more than just offices

Complexe Le Centre bureaux Nouméa

Le Centre, more than just offices

You are wondering where the place to do business is in New Caledonia? Which environment to choose, at the same time strategic, innovative and synergistic? Do not look any further, it is at the Centre that you must be for that! An imposing business district on its own, as it exists throughout the world, it has become a must-see reference.

In the discovery of the Centre

Building site Le Centre Noumea

As early as 2003, the complex “Le Centre” in the heart of Ducos was soon to be established on a 4 hectares site… after nevertheless the necessary extraction of 1,000 tonnes of metal scrap present on the spot!

The aim of this large-scale project was to create a real business centre and to enable important economic players to bring their administrative headquarters closer to their storage facilities.

The building began with the Centre Tower for office use, then the esplanade to accommodate shops, banks, administrations, service station and car services. To bring together several useful shops and services, the Centre Forum followed. The completion of the complex was finally marked by the Fulton. It is a tower of high-quality offices to international standards, as well as the Hôtel du Centre.

The latter, very much anticipated as a business hotel, would intend to offer a complete range of additional services to the closest of the adjoining companies, with the proviso of meeting rooms, business table and hotel accommodation. The advantages are obvious: optimising travel, saving time in decision-making, easiest visits for local and foreign business people, quality of service adapted for professionals.

A warm neighbourhood life

A predominantly industrial area yesterday, Ducos has changed considerably and is now a pool of more and more diversified tertiary activities.

Although signs such as Total, AG2R or Montagnat Mining have been in place at the Centre for several years, many local services have also been developed there to meet all the daily needs of businesses in the sector, such as postal agency, provincial employment service and training authorities, consultancy offices, consultancy firms, insurance companies, real estate agencies, optician, restaurants, dry cleaner, bottle shop, beauty parlours, etc.

And it is a strong asset of the place: coming to work there every day is synonymous with a unique atmosphere, a spirit of neighbourliness and ease of exchange, as it would reign in an authentic neighbourhood life.


  • Number of offices? 20,000 sqm
  • Number of daily visitors? 4,000
  • Number of parking spaces? 1,500
  • Number of jobs? 600
  • Number of companies? 80
  • Number of restaurants available? 7
  • Number of road accesses? 3

Some iconic figures

Shopkeepers Le Centre Noumea

They are also the attractions of the place. Have a coffee at the Tabac du Centre with David and Dafney, among the very first traders to settle in 2006. Meet Priscilla at the beauty parlour Beauté du Centre, Madi at the hair studio En aparté, Alain at the Hype Corner store, or Christophe at the World of Feng Shui store.

Do not miss the stunning view from the rooftop terrace of the Hôtel du Centre, where Gérard, the new Chef of the La Pergola restaurant, will be waiting for you.

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