The melody in paintings of an artist’s soul

The melody in paintings of an artist’s soul

It is through her colourful paintings and her exhibition called "Chant de l’âme" (Song of the Soul), that she expresses all the originality of her artistic stroke by paying homage – as she points out – to the aura and greatness of musicians on the international arena. This is Muriel Prudhomme, Artist Painter.

Meet Muriel

Formerly from Paris, Muriel was attracted to the arts at an early age and already knew when she started high school, that she would not follow the classic general trend!

She therefore chooses to take part in the entrance examination of a private school intended for the professions of graphic design and advertising and will follow, during five years training in drawing and painting, then of graphic design, to be finally graduated in applied arts and photography.

À la rencontre de Muriel
À la rencontre de Muriel 2

After a holiday in New Caledonia together with a friend who had settled there, and while she was working in several photographic laboratories of the Parisian French capital, the desire to change the path of her life is born. Thus, accompanied by her husband, Muriel goes back to the Pacific island to put down her luggage on the "Rock" in 2002, without ever leaving again...

It is the Business Center of the Hôtel du Centre that she has selected for her fourth exhibition, where her works are revealed one after the other, inside each meeting room.

A mixture of genres

Loving the realist movement and adoring the mixtures, Muriel likes to combine the abstract and the figurative. She defines herself as a visual artist and reveals mixed media for artistic identity.

Consequently, her style is that of an assemblage of various techniques and materials, demanding talent and mastery, a multitude of different types of artistic creation and a wide range of supports, forms, volumes, materials and colours.

"It’s an intuitive research. My sources of inspiration and creativity come to me like this, I don’t explain it, and it falls from the sky! When I don’t make specific orders for customers, it’s the desire to paint that calls upon me."

Mélange des genres

Chinese portrait

  • If you were a colour? Purple.
  • If you were a style of painting? Realism.
  • If you were a photographic effect? Black and white.
  • 3 things you always have in your studio? Brushes, canvases and paint.
  • The artist who inspires you? Alfons Mucha.
  • If you were not an Artist Painter? I would have been an actress!
  • Your best quality and your main imperfection? I know how to be patient and sympathetic. But I can also lack self-esteem.

A most atypical job

Un métier des plus atypique

Still very fond of handling materials, especially in the digital age, Muriel appreciates her profession for the benefits of concentration that it provides her and the total freedom of expression that it presents to her.

It is also the faculty for her to express her passion for the arts, even if the current demand still deserves to develop in order to allow the Artist to thoroughly implement her activity.

Muriel Prudhomme is on exhibition at the Hôtel du Centre until December 31, 2019, as well as on her website and her Facebook page.

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