Behind the doors of the Business Center

Derrière les portes du Business Center

Behind the doors of the Business Center

The top of the Business Center billboard, William, 23 years old, is the Supervisor. Get to know this man by discovering him in the four corners of his more than 300 s.q.m. (m²) office. Welcoming, listening, service, responsiveness... welcome to the Hôtel du Centre!

Meet William

À la rencontre de William

Native of New Caledonia, William discovered the Hôtel du Centre during his high school studies, while doing a front desk internship. This led him to welcome many of the Business Center customers, and then he wanted to have an interest in the organisational aspect of business meetings: room layout, material organisation, customer follow-up, etc.

It is then that he continued his collaboration with our establishment as a casual employee, before the position of Supervisor was logically offered to him... which he naturally accepted!

Particularly demanding and meticulous, but as talkative as he claims to be, William appreciates the versatility of his missions and the constant contact with his customers, which makes no day look like another. Being attentive to the smooth running of each event, reassuring the participants, anticipating all their needs is, above all, what motivates him.

I sometimes have the “stress stroke” with the technicalities of cable wirings or computer technology, especially when I have a whole crowd waiting behind me.... But I have always kept my cool and found a solution quickly!

An outstanding planner

Master in the art of planning, William tells us while smiling some examples of unusual requests.

A major customer from mainland France had requested the booking of the ten boardrooms of the Business Center for a month, with the need to break down some partitions to meet his very specific expectations.

A thorough fee estimate was custom-made, but the event was eventually cancelled.

Recently, it was the Student Enterprise Forum that mobilised the entire business centre and restaurants of the hotel, due to the influx of several visitors, students and professionals alike.

The set-up and lunch timings were all different, the pace was intense…but we kept up!

However, no need to consider a private poker night at the Business Center!

This has already been refused, given the legal side of it, which obviously prohibits us from doing so.

Un planificateur hors pair

Chinese portrait

  • If you were a meeting room? The room A1 & A2 for its beautiful outdoor terrace.
  • If you were a high tech equipment? A universal adapter!
  • If you were a day of the week? Friday, it’s the last day. And then on Friday, everything is allowed...
  • 3 things you always carry around at the Hôtel du Centre? My uniform, my cell phone and my keychain.
  • The person, famous or not, who inspires you? My Godmother.
  • If you were not a Supervisor at the Business Center? I probably would have continued my studies in tourism.
  • Your best quality and your main imperfection? I’m sociable but maybe not always enough self-assured.

Your meeting turnkey!

Votre réunion clé en main !

You are planning a work meeting at the Business Center, but you are more concerned about the logistics before the appointment than the event itself? Consult our practical guide and find answers to the main questions you are probably wondering about.

William is also by your side to advise and orientate you. His experience in the various hotel trades allows him to be your sole contact. Ask him serenely: your booking request will be thoroughly met, including if it implies function room rental, catering and accommodation.

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