Organise your meeting at the Business Center

Organiser votre réunion au Business Center

Organise your meeting at the Business Center

Are you a business executive, trainer or facilitator of a meeting, and are you considering renting a boardroom? By selecting the Hôtel du Centre Business Center, you will benefit from personalised support and be confident of the success of your professional meeting. Also discover our practical guidelines for planning your event.

Why choose to rent a meeting room?

There are many reasons why you may wish to rent a meeting room:

  • your foreign collaborators arriving from abroad do not have offices in New Caledonia
  • you receive a significant number of stakeholders and lack space in your own premises
  • you must, for a special occasion, get together in a more ergonomic and better equipped environment
  • you simply want to get out of the usual company surroundings to stimulate creativity and promote teamwork spirit

How long should the meeting last?

Pour quelle durée de réunion opter ?

Your booking period will depend upon diverse parameters: the meeting layout, the number of people expected, the subject, the organisation of workshops, etc.

If it is an informative appointment, the ideal is to invite the entire audience at the same time in a sufficiently spacious setting. On the other hand, if interactive exchanges are necessary, the creation of groups, possibly spread over several rooms or at spread out times, will be more advantageous for public speeches.

The half-day is usually for small group seminars, job interviews, video conferences, exams and competitions, foreign language courses or short courses: first aid, matters regarding fire, etc.

The day is mainly intended for boards of directors and general meetings or any information meeting involving hosting a large audience.

As for renting for several days, it is generally retained in case of in-depth training on specific topics: human resources, management, coherence, etc.


Pour quelle durée de réunion opter au Business Center

What configuration is to privilege?

Quelle configuration privilégier ?

Your room plan will be determined by the type of meeting planning, the most common arrangements being:

  • the U-shape, for a management meeting or a general meeting or a board meeting
  • the theatre, for a conference, congress or colloquium
  • the classroom for writing tests
  • blocks, for all groups’ exchanges work

However, many other tailor-made services can be considered, including: interview, working lunch, press conference.

Whatever your needs, we are assisting you and guide you in choosing the set-up that will perfectly meet your objective.

Your check list

Be ready on D-Day by booking your room at the Business Center. Ask for William, your dedicated supervisor and what optional services will be helpful:

  • supply of additional equipment: mike, lectern, speakers, etc.
  • order of a simple or complete break*
  • organization of a luncheon, dinner or closing cocktail
  • book of your hotel accommodation
  • planning of ancillary services: car rental, airport shuttle, etc.

Our last recommendation to make sure you remember is to consider sending a nominative invitation to each of the participants, indicating the venue, times and agenda of the meeting, as well as any equipment to be brought.

* Check out the updated break formulas by browsing this article here.

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