Business traveller: we make your life easier!

Voyage d'affaires Hôtel du Centre

Business traveller: we make your life easier!

Are you planning a business trip to Noumea and considering the Hôtel du Centre for a home away from home? Congratulations, you made the right decision! The other good news we have for you is that you have access to a full range of services within a couple of steps of our establishment. In the immediate vicinity of New Caledonia’s large companies and many Head Offices, you are in the heart of the Ducos business district: welcome to the complex "Le Centre".

Reduce your travels, optimise your schedule and increase efficiency with "pros at the service of pros". Everything is at hand in order to not miss anything: postal agency, banks, administrations, catering, and of course local shops... Zoom in on some of them.

Remain informed

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The first store to be located at the complex "Le Centre" since it opened in 2006, the "Tabac du Centre" (Tobacco of the Centre) is a landmark in the shopping area, where it is good to stop for coffee.

It is also there that you will find everything you need for everyday life, thanks to David and Dafney, who will struggle to satisfy you in record time: stationery, local and international press, confectionery, telephony, office supplies...

A computer glitch?

Your tablet or laptop starts not cooperating when you had an urgent file to finalise?

Come to Fix & Go, the specialist in multimedia and computer troubleshooting for the maintenance and repair of all brands of computers, printers, Smart phones and the sale of small accessories.

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Something unexpected with your clothing?

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You have a major meeting first thing the next morning or you are planning a business dinner that night, but your clothes at the dry cleaner will not be ready in time?

Meet Alain at the Hype Corner shop and simply ask him for your size. Chic and modern clothing will dress women and men in a trendy and business style.

Something wrong with your glasses?

You cannot get your hands on your sunglasses when you have just arrived in the tropical climate of New Caledonia? Or maybe one of the branches of your sight glass did not resist the trip?

The "Centre Optique" (Optics Centre) shop is at your service: ask for Denys-Pierre’s invaluable advice. He will guide you through a wide range of brands and a full range of frames and lenses, solar and optical.

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An exhausting week?

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After a busy schedule and long days, between commercial appointments, professional meetings and business lunches, did you think you will never see the end of the week coming?

Visit the "Beauté du Centre" (Beauty of the Centre) institute at once. Priscilla will be pleased to receive you for the moment of relaxation you need: hairstyle, manicure, barber, facial, massage... Well-being guaranteed!

A necessary move?

You learn at the last minute that you have a trip to plan outside the Ducos business centre?

Contact the "A5 Location" car rental company at the foot of the Hôtel du Centre and choose your rental period from many models: city car, multipurpose car, SUV, utility car... If you wish, your vehicle is delivered directly to the hotel parking lot, with keys available at the front desk.

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And so much more...

Restez informé

As well, you can find at the complex "Le Centre": a public bank pole through the bank branches of BNC, BCI and OPT, the insurers Groupama-Gan and La Mondiale, as well as a bottle shop, jewellery, dry cleaning, clothes and shoe shops, but also the brands Total, Midas, Élephant Bleu for all car maintenance... and so much more!

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