New Year's Eve celebrations at the Hôtel du Centre

New Year's Eve celebrations at the Hôtel du Centre

The New Year's Eve celebrations are in sight! It is the perfect time to organise a party to bring your staff together and thank your customers in a festive and gourmet way. The Hôtel du Centre in Noumea is offering its two restaurants to businesses for end-of-year meals or other festivities. Make your reservations now!

Two settings to choose from

From 15 November 2022 to 15 January 2023, La Pergola and Les Jardins restaurants will be in full festive mode. Invite your staff and customers for a gourmet meal on the roof terrace or surrounded by greenery.

With our three set menus to choose from, your guests will enjoy every bite! Discover, for example:

  • Steamed mahi-mahi rolled in Nori leaf
  • Roasted and breaded veal fillet with fine herbs
  • Shrimp tartar with lemon & vanilla
  • Rossini duck tournedos
  • Chicken ballotine with chorizo
  • Glazed salmon with mandarin juice

Private a la carte events

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner and the Hôtel du Centre is offering its two restaurants for your end-of-year celebrations. Celebrate the year's successes, congratulate your staff or treat your customers... Make a lasting impression by opting for a cocktail party or dinner on the best rooftop in New Caledonia.

The La Pergola restaurant has a terrace with a magnificent view over Noumea, suitable for receptions of up to 120 people in cocktail mode or 70 people seated.

Alternatively, lend a more natural and informal feel to your end-of-year event with an event held amidst a haven of greenery. The Les Jardins restaurant can accommodate 100 people in cocktail mode or 60 seated guests.

Other original ideas for your celebrations

Whether it is a question of extending your greetings or announcing the direction for the coming year, would you like to do something original? Our hotel restaurants will do everything they can to make your end-of-year event a success.

As well as the option of reserving the premises for private use, you are welcome to join us for a team breakfast or after-work tapas party with your colleagues.

Should you opt for the cosy setting of La Pergola or prefer the flowery Latino atmosphere of Les Jardins, the Hôtel du Centre can offer you a whole range of tailor-made services. A multitude of solutions to suit every need, every company profile and every professional objective.

Why choose the Hôtel du Centre?

Christmas party, New Year's Eve cocktail party, end-of-year meal with your colleagues: why should you choose the Hôtel du Centre as the venue for your celebrations? Talented cooks, attentive and responsive staff, personalised advice, friendly atmosphere, easy access, strategic location, guarded parking... These are just a few of the many elements that place the Ducos hotel at the top of the list.

So, choose to take advantage of the best resources when organising your events and make them a success with complete peace of mind. The icing on the cake? Naturally, you can stay overnight, so you can enjoy the party with even more peace of mind. There are no DJs or dance parties at the hotel, so you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, even during the holidays!

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