The Hôtel du Centre's backstage crew

The Hôtel du Centre's backstage crew

Of the Hôtel du Centre, Noumea's 35 employees, not all work in the spotlight. This 'backstage crew' is made up of Milène, Tina, Stéphane, Lizé, Quentin, Laurence, Philippe, Cécile, Patrick, Karl, Noémie and Helen. Their work is essential to the hotel, but not many people know them. Here, we are shining a light on these men and women who work behind the scenes!

Housekeeping, a team that keeps everything tidy

On the hotel's various floors, certain teams are very early risers! Such is true for the chambermaids, with Milène Makam, the Hôtel du Centre's Housekeeper, making her entrance at 6.00 am. She and her assistant, Tina Ngadae, form an efficient team on whom the preparation of all the rooms depends.

Cleaning, maintaining equipment, common areas, supplies: no detail escapes the attention of these two female supervisors. Part of their job is also to keep a check on invoices and the arrival of linen and goods.

The kitchen’s shock brigades

The Hôtel du Centre also has two restaurants – the top gourmet spots in Noumea. This is where your breakfasts, business lunches, dinners with friends, private events and cocktail parties are held...

Behind the scenes, in the La Pergola restaurant's kitchens, Chef Laurence Soerip and his second-in-command, Philippe Kaltapas, show off their expertise. They are assisted by Cécile Salo, the oldest member of the team, whom everyone affectionately calls "Granny".

On the ground floor, another close-knit and dynamic team is busy satisfying customers. To meet them, you have to step into the kitchen of the Les Jardins restaurant. The reigning duo here is Head Chef, Patrick Xozame, and Chef de Partie, Karl Petaguet.

Noémie Maure also deserves a mention. Her job is to oversee the two restaurants, from managing orders, schedules and uniforms, to analysing sales and ensuring the proper flow of information to all the other areas of the hotel.

Quentin, the hotel’s technical angel

Discreet, independent and solitary, Quentin Razzanti does not often let himself be seen. Nevertheless, this ingenious handyman is one of those behind-the-scenes craftsmen that the Hôtel du Centre could not do without. His commitment and dedication are faultless. An automatic door that will not close, an electrical circuit that has tripped or an oven that breaks down in the middle of a shift. Whatever the problem, he is the man to call.

He is also one of the hotel's (very) early risers. His day starts at 5.30 am... and he often returns in the evenings, at weekends or even in the middle of the night!

Close-up on the accounting department

In the organisation chart of an establishment like the Hôtel du Centre, the Accommodation and Catering departments are naturally prominent. Let us not forget, however, the indispensable Human Resources and Accounting departments, headed up by Stéphane Julien. He is the Administrative and Financial Manager, along with Lizé Baebae, his Accounts Assistant.

Between them, these financial specialists ensure the day-to-day management of operations, forecasts, invoices, payments, salaries, tax and social security requirements, etc. And if a specific need arises, they are available to work from home at the weekends.

Getting inside the executive offices

The Hôtel du Centre's large backstage family would be incomplete, of course, without Helen Couvelard, who leads the Operations, Communication & Marketing departments.

She too avoids the limelight. Yet, she is the one steering the ship. In charge of the hotel's overall management and communications, she drives the general momentum and sets its overall strategy. A woman of great compassion and conviction, she is proud to be supported by committed and exceptional teams.

"We share a lot. Solidarity, mutual support and joint commitment are an integral part of the values we all share."

Her job requires her to be available virtually 24 hours a day. Although at times an insomniac, this courageous director seems tailor-made for the job. She does, however, know how to take a few moments off when dictation or multiplication tables with her children are on the agenda... The role of mother requires it!

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