Noëmie, as smiling as determined

Noëmie, as smiling as determined

Noémie Maure has been Restaurant Manager at the Hôtel du Centre since she took up her post overseeing the La Pergola and Les Jardins restaurants. Her career path has been paved with a variety of experiences, allowing her to reveal her many talents. From service to management, this young woman shares with us here her passion for the restaurant business and her outlook on the hospitality professions.

Meet Noëmie

After a first summer job in the Lyon region at just 16 years of age, Noëmie discovered a real attraction for the hotel trade.

Her love of human interaction and her penchant for communicating seemed to predestine her for a job in events management. Her studies in this field taught her to keep her cool in any situation. She always finds a solution, seemingly without stress.

However, this did not take into account her fondness for the restaurant business and her irresistible desire to return to New Caledonia, the island of her childhood.

Noumea represented a veritable return to her roots for this woman known to the hotel's staff as "Soleil" (sun). Born in Lyon, she arrived in Boulouparis at the age of one and spent most of her childhood on the "Caillou" (the Rock). After her first venture into the restaurant business on the mainland when she finished her studies, she decided to return to her homeland.

At the behest of her superiors, she is often on duty in the restaurants. This allows her to be hands-on, which is a plus given her excellent customer relations. The perfect pairing with her right-hand woman, the Maître D', Lucienne, has not gone unnoticed.

A commitment to service and a sense of family

A sense of family, service and kindness are the values that attracted Noëmie when she came to the Hôtel du Centre in Noumea.

This is the philosophy that has guided the Restaurants Manager approach ever since she started working there in 2021. Mindful of all requests and concerned about everyone's wellbeing, she is highly motivated by her job.

Although she had little previous management experience, she quickly surprised the hotel’s senior management. Her humility, courage, tenacity and exemplary courtesy are certainly her greatest assets.

Chinese portrait

  • If you were one day of the week? Friday, when I don't notice how time flies – I run all over the place and I love that!
  • If you were a customer? An individual. I enjoy going to restaurants to have a good time with my family or friends.
  • If you were a supplier? A furniture dealer. I like it when the restaurant looks good and I love the décor.
  • What you always have with you at the Hôtel du Centre? My phone and a hair band.
  • The person, famous or not, who inspires you? My parents and everything they've built. The life I have today is because of them.
  • If you were not Restaurant Manager? An aerial loop teacher. It's my passion, as well as pole dancing.
  • Your best quality and your main imperfection? My cheerfulness and impulsiveness.

She is not afraid of gunfire

Those who know Noëmie, are convinced that she is unstoppable! If being in charge of two restaurants multiplies the challenges, it is also what multiplies the successes.

"What I find particularly satisfying is seeing customers with a smile on their faces and receiving compliments for my team. My employees feeling happy at work is important to me."

With managing inventory and orders, motivating the restaurant teams, allocating positions, administrative and financial management, her days are full. However, this does not stop her from finishing off her days with a workout... to let off steam!

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