The Hôtel du Centre gets its ambassadors up and dancing

The Hôtel du Centre gets its ambassadors up and dancing

Once again this year, the Hôtel du Centre in Noumea was eager to unveil its brand-new advertising campaign. In 2023, the new campaign is an opportunity to share the very best of our establishment with you, reflecting elegance, ease and flexibility. Take a look behind the scenes!

Ease, flexibility and elegance

This year, the Hôtel du Centre wanted to highlight its core values of diligence and high standards, which is why we decided to link them to dance.

It is a discipline in which grace and expressiveness are essential, of course, but one that also demands high standards and diligence. We were inspired by the perfect harmony expressed by these talented dancers. Their movements are as natural as they are lithe and graceful, all the while maintaining perfect control.

So, for 2023, we are addressing the three themes that are central to our commitment as a true Business Partner. Our easy-going approach to providing solutions, our flexibility in adapting to as many requests as possible... And the elegance of our rooms, our restaurants, our Salon Signature (Signature Lounge) and our teams; all of which enable us to offer our customers a unique experience.

A stellar cast

To bring these ideas to life, we assembled a stellar cast of hotel staff and seasoned professionals, from extras to directors.

From the initial idea and script, to the choice of dancers and providers, we have had the privilege of working with talented partners at every stage of this creative project. Coming soon in the 'making of' video:

As for the two chosen ambassadors, this is not Laurent's first successful partnership with the Hôtel du Centre and Anastasia appeared unfazed by the cameras.

What the actors say

The hotel staff members brought in as actors for the day included William, Sam, Laurence, Philippe, Sissi, Tina and Marie, who all demonstrated their energy and commitment in giving their very best.

The word "stress" is the one that comes up most often in everyone's comments. However, they all played their parts and unanimously confirmed that it was an enriching experience.

For Sam and Laurence, the adventure was fun, surprising and interesting. Meanwhile, Sissi, Tina and Marie, who were somewhat apprehensive, stressed the importance of adapting to the demands of filming, pushing themselves to the limit and having confidence in front of an audience. William praised the "magnificent final result". And Philippe said he had do it all over again without a second thought. Great to hear!

Live from filming

Behind the scenes, the filming schedule was meticulously orchestrated. The shoot was held over an intensive weekend, with our teams working from 7 am to 7 pm. A lunch break in the meeting room at midday was all that was needed to replenish our strength.

Heavily involved throughout filming, the hotel management was on hand at all times. Overseeing the return footage, they were in charge of approving or rejecting each take. In other words, ensuring that everything reflected the hotel's atmosphere and image, and that the establishment's personality was perfectly captured...

And if you are wondering how you can watch the 'making of' video? Be patient! It will soon be available on the Hôtel du Centre website, as well as on YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin. In the meantime, take a look back at some of our previous advertising campaigns...

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