Little secrets from the Hôtel du Centre

Little secrets from the Hôtel du Centre

Whether they are receptionists, chambermaids, waitresses or the Business Center Manager, the Hôtel du Centre's teams do everything possible to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Backstage at the hotel, they rehearse their scenes in the early hours of the morning, preparing to welcome their guests without dropping a line.

From the forecourt to the lifts

It is 6 o'clock in the morning, Noumea is waking up and the curtain rises on the Hôtel du Centre. This is the moment when the first trio of chambermaids enters the stage to carry out a thorough clean. The car park, exterior forecourt, lobby, corridors, lifts and public toilets... every communal area is thoroughly examined.

The night porter gives way to his colleagues on reception. All that is left for them to do is spruce up the counter, arrange the newspapers and start the music. A final spray of perfume and the show can begin!

In the rooms

The hotel clock reads 9.30 am, the guests begin to leave their rooms. The HK team's grand ballet can then continue on the floors. Milène, who is in charge of coordinating the operation, gives her instructions and then checks the 59 apartments one by one, down to the smallest detail.

Bed squared, study area, kitchen and crockery, household appliances, shower room: everything is examined, right down to the complementary products – the famous amenities – and the folded toilet paper ends!

By the way, do you know why this ritual of folding the end of the toilet paper is carried out in all hotels? Quite simply, it is to let the next guest in the room know that his room has been thoroughly cleaned, or "full cleaned" in hotel jargon.

Your own bed, just like in a hotel

Do you dream of sleeping in a bed worthy of a hotel at home? Motivated by a sense of service as much as customer satisfaction, our dedicated chambermaids offer you their professional advice for a perfectly made bed!

  • Choose spotless white sheets that have been carefully ironed.
  • Fit the fitted sheet over the mattress, ensuring that there are no wrinkles.
  • Then arrange the flat sheet in a central and taut position.
  • Fold down the top of the sheet and tuck the sheet around the bed.
  • Place a large duvet on top with a matching drop on each side.
  • Finally, place two large pillows on the bed, followed by two smaller decorative pillows.

Coming for a meeting or a meal out?

The Hôtel du Centre offers fully equipped suites, but that is not all. It is also well-known for its Business Center, under the watchful eye of its Manager, William.

Floor plans, setting up of equipment, preparation of refreshments, everything is arranged to ensure that your business meeting is a success, even down to a spritz of perfume after the daily deep clean.

Are you visiting the hotel for a bite to eat? Whether it is for lunch or dinner, head up to the top floor and enjoy the chic setting and jazz lounge atmosphere of Noumea's only rooftop restaurant.

A new surprise awaits you every week. If you are a fan of Mussels and Chips, come on Tuesday nights. If you are more of a Steak Night person, our smiling team of waitresses will welcome you on Thursday evenings, to the sound of country music and in their cowboy outfit, of course!

At the Hôtel du Centre, one thing is certain, no matter which floor you step out of the lift on, they will do their utmost to make you feel welcome...

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