Oh-Oh-Oh! It’s Christmas at the Hôtel du Centre...

Noël Hôtel du Centre

Oh-Oh-Oh! It’s Christmas at the Hôtel du Centre...

The end of the year is here. And with it, the festive atmosphere of New Year’s Eve is already coming, but also the atmosphere of magic around Christmas Eve. Ideal opportunity to gather for some, excitement of preparations for others, mystery and feasting for the youngest... It is also the moment when it is good to meet with the family, take the time, laugh and share, remember some old tales, browse photo albums... This is what is taking place this year at the Hôtel du Centre, a little ahead of time! Retrospective in pictures.

Advent calendar

Calendrier de l’Avent

When it comes to giving a free ride to imagination, the Hôtel du Centre has plenty of it! Thus, in 2015, the entrance of the establishment displayed an Advent calendar not quite like the others.

Of Germanic origin, this practice of the calendar was born in the early 1900’s and corresponds to a ritual of awakening, especially intended for children, to accompany them during the period of the advent, resulting from the Christian religion, while teaching them to be patient from the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

Within the hotel’s large family, there was talk of revisiting traditions, not by hiding little chocolates here and there, but by putting one of its members in the spotlight every day. Milène, Housekeeper among the HK team, was for example to be discovered on 10 December.

House of Santa Claus

Change of scenery the following year with a reception hall transformed into a real house of Santa Claus. And when you know that the Hôtel du Centre is more than just a hotel, nothing so surprising that such a customer has decided to take its quarters there, during a summer season in the South Pacific!

Maison du Père Noël

Lights and sparks

Refinement was then the motto in a festival of lights and sparks, another symbol of the greetings season in many parts of the world. Outside and inside, a carpet of luminous garlands invited to wondering, to make the eyes of the young and the old shine.

Brillance et scintillement

A Christmas in an ethnic style

Un Noël au style ethnique

For the happiness of its customers, like a page that turns from year to year, the Hôtel du Centre has chosen a different style again in 2019, which is meaningful of the freshness and cosy atmosphere of its new front desk.

Thus, the atmosphere is elegant and discreet, in red and gold tones, delicately echoing the ethnic inspiration that the entrance hall unveiled at the beginning of the year... you are welcome here as at home!

Travel to a mountain lodge, sit at the corner of the fireplace, settle down in front of the library, enjoy a moment’s lounging, admire the scenery and let yourself be transported by the magic of the greetings season...

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