Discover the new Hôtel du Centre front desk

Nouvelle réception Hôtel du Centre

Discover the new Hôtel du Centre front desk

After blowing out its six candles in 2018, the Hôtel du Centre chose to move towards the upcoming year under the sign of modernity. Can you guess what its first “new years’s good resolution” was? Naturally, it was a question of pampering its customers, welcoming them in a more contemporary, wealthy and soothing environment.

Down to the slightest details

A harmony of natural materials, all in shades of beige… This is how our main lobby was transformed to make room for a cosier atmosphere. But, as you know: at the Hôtel du Centre, every detail is important. That is why our receptionists and their new outfit are also making their entrance!

History of the Hôtel du Centre front desk

Interior design

As for the entire makeover, Patricia Charles, one of Noumea’s greatest interior architect, having already overseen the setting up of the La Pergola restaurant before it opened, we decided to place our trust in her again. As a true and unique orchestra conductor of the programs for which she is in charge, her role is major.

Her mission begins with a preliminary study of the project for which she is consulted, and then it consists in realising the corresponding 3D drawings and projections. The selection of appropriate colours, materials and furniture is made in connection with the client. Prices requests must then be made to the various trades involved. Once the traders selected, work planning is established. Coordinating and monitoring of the site is the last part of the service.

Heavy work Hôtel du Centre front desk

The construction site, step by step

Building site Hôtel du Centre front desk

As Patricia points out, the refurbishment work has proven to be a challenge since the function of a hotel front desk involves a quick completing of the construction site. The mission here has been met in ten days. Some phases of painting were carried out at night, in order to minimise any inconvenience for the clientele.

On the floor, the old carpet was removed to be replaced by a floating oak floor. A strategic choice for the flooring, it is both aesthetic and hard-wearing. Its timeless appearance also allows it to be associated with many decorating styles, while offering the room a warm touch.

The involvement of a carpenter was required for the installation of a custom-made library, in the same tones as the wallpaper facing it. A touch of softness and intimacy is then brought to the dressed space, recreating the impression of a decor similar to that of an interior living room.

The result reveals a bright front desk with freshness and style. It is a waiting place that has become calm and relaxing, encouraging anyone to comfortably settle there. Its charm and elegance is due to the choice of light colours, an ethnically inspired decoration and delicate sieving veils: a guaranteed cocooning sensation. When you visit the Centre district, visit us!

Patricia in a few words

A graduate of a Parisian school, Patricia Charles has been working for more than 20 years. A passionate woman, she puts her talent and taste for excellence at the service of professionals as well as individuals.

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