One business partner, multiple services

Business partner, multiples services

One business partner, multiple services

The Hôtel du Centre blog celebrated its third anniversary this year. That means we have already had three years full of happy adventures! It is also a great opportunity to highlight the multiple services offered by your business partner in New Caledonia.

Fully equipped rooms

The Hôtel du Centre offers its 59 rooms to make your stay in Noumea as comfortable as possible. In this hotel, guests can enjoy the space of an apartment with the convenience of a 3-star hotel!

The accommodation on offer ranges from a cosy 30 sqm (m²) studio to a spacious 60 sqm (m²) loft. Perfectly suited to both business and leisure visits, these units have a fully functional kitchen with double electric hob, microwave oven, large fridge, small appliances, crockery, etc.

Ready-to-use meeting rooms

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The Hôtel du Centre is also famous for its Business Center, which is open all year round to meet the needs of discerning professionals. Meetings, seminars and conferences can be held in ten modular rooms, each with state-of-the-art equipment.

Your rental period can be anything from a half-day, a day, an evening, a week or even a month. You will also receive advice and support throughout the process of setting up and organising your business meetings and appointments.

Two locations for food lovers

During your stay at the Hôtel du Centre, you can discover or rediscover the distinct ambiance of the hotel's two restaurants.

At lunchtime, the salads, kebabs and grilled meat at the Les Jardins restaurant can be enjoyed on the terrace, in a lush natural setting surrounded by plants. A guaranteed break from the everyday bustle of the city!

La Pergola's rooftop restaurant menu features fresh, well-prepared dishes made with fresh market produce. Morning, noon and evening, enjoy a panoramic view of the business district from the last floor.

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The Red Room has its own special atmosphere

Discreetly located on its top floor, the Red Room is the Hôtel du Centre's closely guarded secret. It is set apart from the hotel’s other rooms by its spacious terrace and its chic and luxurious atmosphere.

With its upholstered walls, subdued lighting, cushions, carpets, elegant fabrics, leather and mirrors, the intimate atmosphere of this room offers the promise of sweet and sensual moments...

Let us know what you think!

One anniversary may conceal another! Last March, the Hôtel du Centre’s "Followed Review" service celebrated its second anniversary. We would like to warmly thank our numerous customers who shared their experiences and impressions.

They also shared their expectations and suggestions with us. Thanks to this, our hotel continues to improve its staff's performance and the quality of its services. So why not be the next to leave a review?

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