A solidarity garden at the Hôtel du Centre

Jardin solidaire Hôtel du Centre

A solidarity garden at the Hôtel du Centre

Since the beginning of the year, the Hôtel du Centre's guests have been greeted by a new green space at the entrance to the car park. The culmination of a community project, this island of greenery is a solidarity garden that has been lovingly cultivated by the many volunteers from the hotel's staff. This little pocket of nature is a real success story, a place for sharing and creativity.

What is a solidarity garden?

They are sometimes called 'shared gardens', 'community gardens' or 'collective gardens'. These small green spaces right in the heart of the city are new places for sharing, where everyone can make a contribution.

It is not just about cultivating plants, but also about building relationships and cooperation. Vacant lots, wasteland, areas between two buildings, and rooftops are given over to helping nature reclaim its dues.

In Noumea, the Hôtel du Centre has just launched a corporate solidarity garden project. It is another great opportunity to involve and unite the staff around a common purpose.

Why the Hôtel du Centre is creating a solidarity garden?

The Hôtel du Centre owes its solidarity garden project to its team of chambermaids. The idea first arose as a result of a specific request on their part and then gradually grew until it reached fruition.

United in their love of gardening, our house angels were already in the habit of tending the planters at the hotel entrance. Every day, the ritual of weeding and watering would begin. From time to time, new plants would be planted here and there.

Similarly, on the restaurant side, the team at La Pergola restaurant has been looking after the planter in the lougne area. Meanwhile, Maria, with her love of plants , never tires of keeping Les Jardins restaurant in bloom in every season.

A shared green haven emerges

Planting work began in March 2022. The project was entrusted to the company Perret Hydroculture & Paysage, which specialises in interior and exterior landscaping.

One week later, the Hôtel du Centre's new solidarity garden officially opened at the entrance to the car park. This communal green area is dedicated to all the hotel's teams: reception, HK, Business Center, restaurants, administrative and technical services.

It is not unusual to see a number of people at work there. Whether during a break or at the end of the day, everyone can come and express their creativity, recharge their batteries through contact with the soil and share their expertise...

Solidarity garden challenges

To the delight of the guests and the pride of the staff, this outdoor garden at the Hôtel du Centre is thriving and blossoming day by day. Through the dedication of all, whether experts in decoration or gardening enthusiasts, the upkeep and improvement of the area are ensured.

However, in order to generate even more interest and maintain the participants' enthusiasm, new challenges are regularly suggested. After a few months of making the solidarity garden beautiful, it is now time for an exotic theme! The challenge is to introduce as many tropical flowering plants as possible, from birds of paradise to hibiscus, anthurium and Indian galanga.

A next initiative planned for the near future is to enable the recycling of organic waste from the hotel's two restaurants. The aim is to feed this eco-friendly garden with homegrown compost so that nothing is wasted and everything is returned to the earth.

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