The secrets of the Red Room

Secrets Chambre Rouge

The secrets of the Red Room

You will not be able to visit it without staying there... It hides an atmosphere of well-kept secrets and gathered memories that will forever remain a mystery... Guess what it is? It is the Red Room, star of the Hôtel du Centre, of course!

A provocative concept

Un concept provocant

We are in 2015 when one of the hotel’s classic Deluxe Rooms, temporarily reorganised into a small fitness room, was to regain its original function. But what about the huge wall mirror that had been specially fitted there?

In line with this question, a priori without impact, the trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, written by E.  L.  James, only just available in bookshops, was already experiencing a sparkling enthusiasm and all were eager for an adaptation of this story to the cinema.

Then, one joke leading to another, it was then that the crazy bet was laid, during a "debriefing aperitif" gathering a staff in a mood to laugh!

” - What is unfortunate is that the mirror is on the wall... It would be funny too, on the ceiling!
- Yes, it’s in the executive room that this would be ideal above all! Besides, it has the terrace...

Disturbing concept, daring project, pushy nerve? It did not take more arguments at the Hôtel du Centre! A will to intrigue and an assumed decision: the enigmatic Red Room was born... Its launch would take place on the day of the cinema release of the film adapting the first volume of the famous booming novels.

No coincidence, you will have understood that, by choosing such a colour, which is not without referring to the mythical sanctuary of the Christian Grey’s apartment, hero of the British masterpiece.

Red Room secrets Hôtel du Centre

An uninhibited state of mind

The secrets of the Red Room

More than just a hotel, our establishment has always been different. If we are, above all, a business hotel whose professionalism and requirements are the strong points, we also have at heart to distinguish ourselves. Because of our location, as well as our way of communicating and managing, we are proud to display our identity and to cultivate its originality.

And of course, what challenge is more daring than that of playing with rumours and hearsay, including the Red Room among the Hôtel du Centre’s accommodation offer?

An unprecedented experience

The only smoking room in the hotel, also unveiling a deep terrace on the top floor, it plunges you into a world as chic as it is voluptuous.

Let yourself be enveloped by its exquisite embellishment, every detail has been meticulously cared for: upholstered walls, sieved lighting, leather bench, numerous cushions, soft carpets... Sensations guaranteed for an unforgettable moment of sharing, at the height of your most sensual carnal desires...

Red Room Hôtel du Centre

Spice up your stay!

Un état d’esprit décomplexé

Want to make your getaway even more delicious? Make the pleasure last longer by ordering your champagne and let your senses speak by offering you one of our Love packs.

There are murmurs that the Red Room could disappear for good before next summer... Improbable confidence or correct disclosure? And what would be the new buzz of the Hôtel du Centre?

Un état d’esprit décomplexé Until you find out, do not postpone in booking your night before it is too late!

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