Team-building day at the Amedee Lighthouse

Team-building day at the Amedee Lighthouse

After the turbulent events witnessed during the health crisis, the Hôtel du Centre staff deserved a get together in which they could enjoy themselves away from their professional duties.

So, the timeless atmosphere of Amedee island became the setting for the hotel’s team-building day. It was an opportunity to say a big thank you to all the staff who work at this hotel unlike any other, never ceasing to shine out their solidarity and commitment.

Amedee island: a little bit of paradise

What better way for the hotel's staff to express themselves differently than through fun and unusual activities?

And what could be more idyllic than paddling your feet in the water against a backdrop of tropical vegetation and white sand? For this reason, the Hôtel du Centre chose the Amedee Lighthouse as their getaway from ordinary professional activities and the usual business environment.

It was 7.45 am on Sunday, 14 August 2022. The time slot had been on the agenda for a long time. The staff of the Hôtel du Centre met at the Port Moselle quay in good spirits. Jenny, from the event company, Pop Events, coordinated the day.

Fun on a musical cruise...

The Mary-D boat would be setting sail at any moment. Everyone was invited on board. Accompanied by music, of course, and not before attracting some attention for we were a group of 28 people that day!

So off we went for a 40-minutes crossing from the turquoise lagoon to the intense blue of the sea. The sun was already gracing the scene with its very pleasant presence. Each person was then able to put on their specially embroidered cap with the words "Super team HDC" as a rallying sign. A personalised token, specially commissioned by the Hotel Manager as a souvenir of this adventurous day.

An ambitious programme for a team-building event

Right down to the official name given to the team-building day, "The Amedee Olympics" left no room for the traditional Sunday morning lie-in, but it was well worth the effort!

Numerous sporting challenges and team events were on the agenda. As well as a glass-bottom boat trip, demonstration workshops – with a choice of manou (wraparound skirt) knotting or coconut grating – and climbing the lighthouse for the most daring. All this was interspersed with a huge all-you-can-eat local buffet to delight the guests!

As a bonus: a symbolic Tahitian song and dance show followed the meal. The ideal moment to reveal a nice surprise for three lucky hotel employees who were also celebrating their birthdays on that Sunday. Lucienne, Sandrine and Karl were, of course, unaware that they would be called on stage to improvise their best "tamure" (traditional Tahitian dance) moves...

Escape, discovery, games and relaxation

The atmosphere of this day of escape, discovery, games and relaxation was mischievous. In a place conducive to relaxation and sharing, the participants were able to choose what they liked best. They indulged in their favourite activities with smiles and laughter.

A frantic competition of petanque for some, chatting while relaxing in a deckchair for others and team-building games for all. The common meeting point was the huge banyan tree near the lighthouse. There, the starting signal was sounded for the hoop passing, the human chain and the three-legged race... Camera flashes and applause naturally greeted these demonstrations of bravery, in addition to the Olympics medals awarded to each of them!

Added to all this was another unforgettable moment: the customary thank-you from the entire team to the hotel’s management. A powerful and particularly moving gesture...

The panoramic view is this way!

The highlight of this unforgettable day was climbing up the Amedee Lighthouse, which was also done to music! There are 247 steps to climb to reach the lofty 56-metre-high summit of the lighthouse. And what a reward awaits you once you reach the top... The lighthouse's observation platform offers visitors the most beautiful 360° panorama of New Caledonia's lagoon.

To end the afternoon on a high note before heading back to Noumea, everyone took advantage of the beach's many charms and enjoyed a last moment suspended in time...

There is just one thing everyone will remember about this awayday: what a success it was and how full of emotion! For the management of the Hôtel du Centre, it was also a special opportunity to congratulate the whole team for their remarkable work and to thank them for their tireless commitment throughout the year.

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