The story of a hotel unlike any other

Histoire Hôtel du Centre

The story of a hotel unlike any other

Have you ever wondered why the Hôtel du Centre appears to be more than just a hotel? What identity is it hiding, and what else can you find? This is the story of an institution that prides itself on being different than the others.

And why not, after all?

Let us imagine that a company – entirely new to the hotel industry – is planning to open a hotel and, let us be clear, with the nonattendance of a warden two days before the opening ceremony... But would that be a joke?

Well, absolutely not! This incredible bet is the one that a businessman, a precursor and a fiercely resolute one, decided to launch his business in the early 2000s.

For all intents and purposes, public opinion believed strongly in his madness rather than his success, but surrounded by a dynamic and committed team: this is the secret that allowed the business district Le Centre to surface without divesting itself of its business hotel, an element expected as a sine qua non condition for the success of the global project.

Hôtel du Centre story 01

Appearances that are often misleading

Hôtel du Centre story 02

Facades that have now risen in the heart of the Ducos district, one could just as well distinguish the colours of an international hotel chain.

The franchising project was not going to be successful in time, but it did not matter.... This is not the kind of “insignificant detail” that would be enough to impress the Caledonian establishment, even less to dissuade it!

And it was then that the horizon of 2012 was marked by the birth, in perfect autonomy, of the only business hotel in New Caledonia: a standing of services equivalent to that of the Novotel or Mercure hotels, for low-priced rates and a fully equipped kitchen in each room. Thus, the bet held up and the challenge was met with impudence!

Movement on all floors

La Pergola restaurant finally opening on the originally allocated space for a swimming pool and a pool house initially planned in roof-terrace, a fitness room that will change floor to expand, the second Les Jardins restaurant and the Business Center that will replace a set of commercial premises, an executive room modified into a Red Room...

There is no shortage of ideas that end up at the Hôtel du Centre. They are also the strength of the establishment, where the objective is above all: to listen to the customer, to anticipate his demands, to respond to his desires. Who knows what novelties the future can still hold...?

Like a great family

SOURCE : Jacquotte Semperez - Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes

If it is not rare to hear, behind the scenes of the hotel, that here "it’s like family", it is indeed because that there is a real team involvement, made up of a remarkable task force, a young and dynamic spirit, a warm atmosphere and obvious solidarity.

At the head of this large family that is growing every day, you will find the feminine imprint of a leading manager. Helen Couvelard, Warden, the manager of this establishment of value(s), tells us:

Every day, I thank God for being by such beautiful people’s side. There’s a real cohesion at the Hôtel du Centre. And even if the days are long, when the trade becomes a passion, it’s only fun to succeed together...!

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