The Hôtel du Centre, an establishment of value(s)

The Hôtel du Centre, an establishment of value(s)

Do you know The Four Agreements? Revealed to the general public in 1997 in Miguel Ruiz’s identical name’s best-seller, they correspond to four fundamental principles of life drawn from the teachings of Native American culture. Details behind the scenes of the Hôtel du Centre.


You will certainly ask yourself what is, a priori, the link between a hotel and a globally recognised work? The Hôtel du Centre reveals another of the secrets that makes it strong and different...

To make the agreements a guide of wisdom of mind to apply to the daily life, it is the original choice of management of the Warden of a hotel unlike any other. Because Helen Couvelard is already keen to refer to it outside the professional framework, why not also hold these four pillars as true human values to be conveyed within her teams?

Value #1 – Respect & Full Control

Valeur n°1 – Respect & Maîtrise a l hotel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

"Be impeccable with your word", the first principle, illustrates the weight of words frequently used, sometimes misused. To become aware of it is to moderate one’s remarks and speech, towards others as well as towards oneself.

According to Anaïs, Head of the front desk, this is about respect and full control:

"Talking to each other appropriately is essential on a daily basis, both with the front desk team and all the hotel’s employees and its restaurants. The front desk is a central component in permanent contact with all other services.


Despite the stress, we must measure our words and the tone of our voice. Naturally, this rule is crucial for our clients... courtesy, respect and politeness aren’t options!"

Value #2 – Trust & Goodwill

"Don’t take anything personally", the second principle, reflects the importance of not considering the attitudes of others as a systematic consequence of personal behaviour. Taking a step back will not bring everything back to oneself.

According to Fuka, Receptionist, this is about trust and goodwill:

"Taking nothing personally is the basis! In our profession, as in any other in direct contact with the customer, some will always allow themselves an inappropriate or aggressive tone. If we let ourselves be affected, we quickly become unhappy.


You need to create a virtual shield to get away from that kind of inconvenience. By staying professional and listening, you often get the pressure down."

Valeur n°2 – Confiance & Bienveillance à l'hôtel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Value #3 – Solidarity & Communication

Valeur n°3 – Solidarité & Communication a l hotel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

"Don’t make assumptions", the third principle, is a reminder of widespread automatism leading to interpreting the attitude of others to the point of turning hypotheses into convictions. To express oneself clearly and to stop deductions allows for more constructive exchanges.

According to Lucienne, Stéphanie, Éléonore and Gladysse, who make up part of the La Pergola restaurant team, this is about solidarity and communication:

"Stop believing that, it’s not easy because we all tend to do it... But it’s not impossible!


For instance, when one of us arrives in the morning without smiling, we can quickly make up our minds. Instead, and since we all get along very well, we go straight to the point and ask the question frankly. It avoids the unspoken words and often leads to confidence."

Value #4 – Involvement & Ambition

"Always do your best", the fourth principle, is to find the right equilibrium in all circumstances, independently from the judgment of others. Doing what it is possible within the current abilities will help to achieve one’s goals without frustration or guilt.

According to Ben, Manager of accommodation, this is about involvement and ambition:

"Always giving the best of you and finding the right solutions to ensure quality services and satisfy the customer is more than necessary when marketing.


Demanding by nature, I expect the maximum from my colleagues. But doing the best doesn’t mean accepting everything! I encourage my staff to take initiative, but I also teach them to say no."

Valeur n°4 – Implication & Ambition à l'hôtel du centre à Nouméa en Nouvelle-Calédonie

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